To balance the water needs of a growing population and the industries, PUB set up the Water Efficiency Fund (WEF) in 2007 to encourage companies to look into efficient ways of managing their water demands and promoting water conservation within their businesses and in the community.

The Water Efficiency Fund was launched by PUB in 2007 to co-fund projects that yield at least 10% reduction in water consumption within an organisation.

Eligibility Criteria

The eligibility criteria for applicants are as follows:

  1. Companies with monthly water consumption - Potable Water (PW) / NEWater (NW) / Industrial Water (IW) of more than 1,000m3. Individual companies with monthly consumption each of less than 1,000m3 can choose to apply for this fund collectively e.g. associations and groups of commercial enterprises. Project should yield at least 10% reduction of water consumption (PW, NW and/or IW).
  2. In addition to criteria 1, for industries in which recycling is already a norm e.g. wafer fabs, WEF will only be given to the company if it puts in place a system that conserves water at a rate at least 10% higher than the norm in its industry.
  3. Organisations which intend to organise community-wide campaigns to promote water conservation can also apply for WEF.


  • Criteria 1 and 2 above do not apply to the following:
    • Water Audit Projects;
    • Certification to SS577:2012 Water Efficiency Management Systems under Feasibility Study Projects; and
    • Community-Wide Water Conservation Campaigns and Programmes.
  • For applicants applying for funding for certification to SS577:2012 Water Efficiency Management Systems under Feasibility Study Project, the following eligibility criteria and requirements shall apply:
    • Obtained at least Water Efficient Building (Basic) Certificate from PUB; and
    • Submitted “Water Efficiency Management Plan” to PUB, based on the actual metered water consumption over a minimum period of 3 months (with private meters installed at the key water usage areas).

SMEs who wish to apply for funding for certification to SS577:2012 Water Efficiency Management Systems shall be referred to SPRING Singapore for the Capability Development Grant.

I) Certification to SS 577:2012 Water Efficiency Management Systems
PUB will co-fund 50% of the total costs for certification (consultancy cost and 1st year certification audit cost for SS577:2012) under Feasibility Study Project, subject to a cap of $10,000*.

*For premises with monthly water consumption of 1,000 cu m or less, the funding cap will be $5,000.

For more information, please visit PUB's Water Efficiency Fund (WEF).