As a socially responsible corporate citizen, we are strongly committed to supporting Total Defence, promoting Healthy Lifestyle and adopting pro-family life policies and practices. Since 1998, we have been participating in the 'SAF Award for Employers' and 'Singapore H.E.A.L.T.H Award'. We are  honoured to receive recognitions from the Ministry of Defence and Ministry of Health for our contributions.

We also deem Singapore’s security as important as our safety and health, thus we have an in-house NS Committee to plan and implement initiatives in creating a supportive environment for our NSmen, paving the way for national defence. Such initiatives include annual health screenings and a tiered cash incentive scheme to reward NS employees who have passed or done well for their Individual Physical Proficiency Tests (IPPT).

We also implement a zero-deferment policy through an established system involving advanced planning, duty reassignment and clear communication with our clients and other staff. This ensures that our NS employees are able to attend to their NS duties with a peace of mind and business objectives are not affected. The company also keeps a record of its NSmen's code words so that they can be notified quickly in the event that they are mobilised.

We support Total Defence not only because it is vital for the country's security, but also as an employer, we value the traits found in our NS employees.